How Moscow Games has become the best festival in Europe
Today we will tell you, why did the Moscow Games festival appeal to the foreigners and managed to compete with the counterparts in Italy, Lebanon, Turkey, Serbia, Latvia, Estonia.
The “Cosmos” party was just cosmic! «Moscow Games 2017» Welcome Party
For the first time in 4 years "Moscow Games" Welcome Party was not held in Korston. But as usual it started with blasting music of Brevis Brass Band and the jokes of Givi Tvaltvadze, who once again changed his hairstyle....
Andrey Volkov, rector of MGSU: “To host “Moscow Games” for us is an honour.”
After the festival’s opening ceremony MGSU rector Andrey Volkov looked happy, but tired. In the interview to our news desk he compared the opening of the festival to the Olympics and told us what it means to host games of...
Moscow Games ambassador Ekaterina Selezneva told us about the importance of the festival
One of the Moscow Games 2017 ambassadors is Ekaterina Selezneva who became a champion at the 2017 Summer Universiade. In her interview with she told she’s proud of the Moscow festival.
Sergey Seyranov “Student sport is trending”
The IV edition of the international festival “Moscow Games” started on the 19th of September. Sergey Seyranov who is the president of RSSU and the rector of MSAPE was among the VIP-guests. After the ceremony he told us that the...
Oleg Matytsin: “Moscow Games festival reminds me of Universiade”
After the festival’s opening ceremony FISU president Oleg Matytsin was surrounded by a lot of people who wanted totalk to him. He agreed to an interview to our news desk after a long conversation with an Italian colleague and a...
The “Moscow Games” competitions are starting on 19th September.
The first competition day at “Moscow Games 2017” is held on the 19th of September.
Alexey Kinash: “Sports at Moscow Games are more important than parties”
During the “Moscow Games” press-conference the head of Association of Student and Youth Sports Alexey Kinash assured: “This time everything will be much more impressive.”
All the flags are welcome. How “Moscow Games” festival became a mini-universiade
In 3 years International Festival of Student and Youth Sports “Moscow Games” has come a long way. Just right after the first tournament it became clear that festival had great future. Participants from different countries and different regions of Russia...
Volunteers are preparing a surprise for “Moscow Games” participants
There’s not so much time left until the start of “Moscow Games”. Not only the participants but also the volunteers are preparing for the festival. The volunteer team-leader Victoriya Limanskaya said that the guys are 100% ready to welcome the...
Moscow Games 2017 dates
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