Andrey Volkov, rector of MGSU: “To host “Moscow Games” for us is an honour.”

After the festival’s opening ceremony MGSU rector Andrey Volkov looked happy, but tired. In the interview to our news desk he compared the opening of the festival to the Olympics and told us what it means to host games of such scale within his university.


Photo by MRO RSSU

– What do you think about the opening ceremony?

– Wonderful emotions, everyone was in a good mood almost like at the Olympics. Sport is always about strong and vivid emotions. I think that our sport complex was well prepared for this event. I hope it left good impressions among students and our colleagues.

– What does it mean for you to host the festival in MGSU?

– You know, it’s the sixth time in a row we’re recognized as Moscow’s best sports university. It’s an honour for us to draw attention to our university and to student sport in general due to this event.

– Which sports are you going to follow?

– There are not so many sports at “Moscow Games”. I like artistic gymnastics, for example. I used to be an artistic gymnast and I like watching this sport. It’s a pity it’s not represented here.


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