The “Cosmos” party was just cosmic! «Moscow Games 2017» Welcome Party

For the first time in 4 years "Moscow Games" Welcome Party was not held in Korston. But as usual it started with blasting music of Brevis Brass Band and the jokes of Givi Tvaltvadze, who once again changed his hairstyle. Amazing start was followed by Nike t-shirt prize-draw, a selfie and introduction of the organizers.


Photo by Maxim Andreev

The tall basketball players from Oryol were standing in the centre of the dancefloor. OryolSU’s team manager Araik Kaladjan had a long-time dream to visit “Moscow Games.”

- So how is it?

- Everything’s cool! But I can’t win a t-shirt in the prize-draw…

- Have you picked up any girls yet?

- I have only met three girls from Lebanon, one of them even speaks Russian!


Photo by Maxim Andreev

The Lebanese delegations at “Moscow Games” are traditionally the largest. Even the pretty cheerleaders from Lebanon arrived this year, however they were not so active on the dancefloor. On the other hand, they visited Bolshoy theatre to watch ballet the next day. Algerians were breakdancing and the girls from Croatia left early and relocated to the hotel lobby, where they listened to the “Godfather” soundtrack on the full volume.


Фото: Максим АНДРЕЕВ

And so when the party was coming to an end, the Swiss rugby players, tired after a long flight, slowly came through the hotel doors. After seeing familiar faces of ththe organizers, they approached them with a smile. One of the guys was a little left behind. He felt uncomfortable, as if he came to a birthday party of someone unknown to him.  When we asked him how he finds Moscow, he answered: “I can’t say much yet, but I liked the city a lot. Last year I wasn’t here, but no I am! The guys told me that the teams were very strong. It was hard for them to play, but they liked everything!... Especially the parties!”

Although they missed one already, they have two ahead!

George Mukhanov


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