How Moscow Games has become the best festival in Europe

In 2017 the international festival of student and youth sports "Moscow Games" gathered students from 18 countries on the courts of the Russian capital. In 2014, when the organizers conducted a debut festival, competition in this area was crazy. Foreigners knew that they would be met with open arms in Italy, Lebanon, Turkey, Serbia, Latvia, Estonia. Moscow loomed on the horizon. Will the Russian organizers be able to hold something like this in Moscow and surprise the demanding foreigners? The risk was great, but turned out to be justified. Organizers of Moscow Games, unlike their European colleagues, based the festival on professional judging. Used to organizing the sporting component at the highest level, they managed to create a unique atmosphere.

Since then, the Russian capital has become the favourite sports destination for foreign universities. Students from other countries speak candidly: they come to Moscow for new experiences, to make new friends, go to the Red square and walk around other memorable places. It is a custom for foreigners that a festival is, first and foremost, an atmosphere. The sporting component takes a back seat. The organizers decided to help foreign guests to embrace the concept of Russian fun. For the third year in a row foreigners enjoy singing popular Russian songs and continue getting likes on social media.

In 2017 the basketball players from Croatia visited Moscow once again. The champions of 2015 took a break and returned to the capital a year later. However, we still remember their impromptu victory dance.

Хорватские зажигательные танцы на закрытии #moscowgames от победительниц баскетбольного турнира

Публикация от Moscow Games (@moscow_games)

Swiss rugby players are the embodiment of partnership, brotherhood and casual attitude to life. If last year the guys came just for the emotional high, this year they stopped only one step away from the pedestal. Moscow disciplines you! The Lebanese students have been coming to Moscow ever since the very first festival. There are a lot of universities in Lebanon: after one university came to the festival in Moscow – the others wanted to go, too. It feels like soon all the Lebanese universities will have visited Moscow. Thanks to the festival, hundreds of students have the opportunity to become a part of a big family of University sport. In response to the question, why they keep coming back to Moscow, foreigners answer: "Although Russians speak very bad English, they are quite open-minded and sincere. You can have fun together even without any words." And if we also learn the language, our foreign friends would just melt. However, let's wait for the autumn of 2018.



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